Ammo Storage Laws and Regulations

ammo storage lawFor hunters and survivalists, ammo storage is something that must be done to preserve and maintain the quality of your ammo. However, there are many laws regarding ammo storage that you must be aware of that somewhat complicate what seems like a simple procedure. Take a look at the following article for an outline of the basics of the laws regarding ammo storage.

Most firearm and ammo storage laws pertain to the safety of the ammo, meaning there is no definite law regarding what is legal and legal. In other words, safe storage of ammo is legal whereas unsafe storage is not, but there are many different things that can be classified as unsafe. For example, keeping you ammo in its package on your shelf may be safe if you are single, but if you have children living with you then this may be considered unsafe. Additionally, if you are transporting ammo and the conditions that you are storing them in are not safe (eg. flammable materials, water, etc.), this is considered unsafe and thus illegal. Unlike firearms, ammo does not typically have to be kept locked, although depending on your state or province this may vary. Additionally, it should be noted that ammo should be stored separately from your firearms or at least somewhat separated from each other if they are in the same area. Failure to do so can be considered illegal.

Legal Ammo Storage Practices

• Keep them in a safe environment free of water and flammable materials
• Keep them in a sealed container
• Ensure that they are stored separately from your firearms

Since the term “careless” can vary greatly and the laws of your state or province can vary as well, it is best to ensure that your ammo is stored as safely as possible and away from your firearms and anybody else in your household. If you have to transport your ammo with you to your hunting range or area, make sure to store them securely and keep them away from your firearms. In the off chance that you got pulled over, failure to do this could result in charges. If you are purchasing a firearm for the first time, make sure to consult a legal professional or talk to the workers at the shop about the laws in your state regarding legal ammo storage.

Ultimately, safe ammo storage is a practice that you should be very aware of for your own safety and to ensure that you do not run into any legal problems. The various ammo cases on this website are great ways to store your ammo, and using any of them properly will ensure that your ammo is safely and legally stored. With a bit of research and background knowledge, legal ammo storage will become second nature and you will not even have to think twice about it.

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