Review: Military Surplus .50 Caliber Ammo Can

The Military Surplus .50 Caliber Ammo Can is a larger ammo can made of steel that features a pressure lock lid, adjustable handles and weather tight design that will allow you to keep your ammo safe and secure through even the harshest weather conditions. This is one of the larger ammo cans on the market and although it is a bit more expensive, it is a great tool for those that like to go on extended hunting trips and need the extra space.

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The pressure lock lid is a great feature that will guarantee that no dust, water or other outside particles make their way onto your ammo, ensuring that your ammo will remain just as effective as ever. Many other ammo cans do no feature a pressure lock, so they leave open the possibility of outside objects entering the can. This is a secure product that will give you no doubts about its reliability. Additionally, the adjustable handles are a great perk that make this product easy and comfortable to carry, no matter who you are. No matter how tall you are or how heavy the can is, you can adjust the handle to maintain comfort and adapt to your preferences.

Contrary to most ammo cans on the markets, this is a larger design that is made for big amounts of ammo, so this product is best suited for serious hunters and those that prefer to hunt for long periods of time. This is not the kind of ammo can that you are going to be able to strap to your shoulder-strap and carry around with you, so make sure that you have the desire for a larger piece of equipment and are going to get enough use out of it. However, for those that do need the space, there are not many other options up to the quality of this product and it makes for a great hunting accessory that will ensure that you are never short on ammo. You will likely even have room for other items if you want, although it is best to keep them separate due to the chances of them harming your ammo. Take a look at our Survival Canisters article for more information on a great method of carrying additional hunting supplies.

All things considered, the Military Surplus .50 Caliber Ammo Can is a great tool for any hunter that finds themselves regularly in need of more ammo space on their hunting trips. Between the pressure lock lid, excellent weather resistance and adjustable design, this product is sure to provide you with plenty of value for its $27 price tag. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little cheaper then take a look at the MTM 38/357 Cal 100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box or the MTM 30 Caliber Ammo Can.

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