Review: MTM 200 Round Small Bore Ammo Box .22 Long Rifle

If you’re looking for an ammo box catered towards rifle owners, the MTM 200 Round Small Bore Ammo Box .22 Long Rifle (Blue) is a great choice. It holds plenty of ammo, up to 250 rounds, and can accommodate all kinds of ammo including 22LR, 22L, 17 mach 2 and up to 150 17 HMR. Furthermore, the rounds are stored in the down position making them easily accessible and there is extra room included for your boxed ammo.

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This ammo box is ideal for rifle hunters such as small bore competitors, plinkers and varmint hunters. If you fit into any of these categories then you will be more than happy with the ammo capacity of this box as well as the ease of which the ammo can be accessed. Reloading a rifle can be laborious and if you are hunting quick game, you’re going to need to be as fast as possible. The easy use of this box means that you will be locked and loaded in to time and you can say goodbye to fumbling for your ammo in the heat of the moment. Additionally, the compatibility with 17 HMR ammo is a great feature and one that was just recently added to this model. Ultimately, any rifle fan is sure to get plenty of use out of this product.

Another great thing about this case is its accommodation of paper ammo boxes. Although many people purchase boxes such as these so they never have to use paper boxes again, if you have any lying around you can still integrate them into this product thanks to its space in the center that can hold up to two 50 round paper ammo boxes. This is a great perk and means that if you can’t fit all of your ammo into this box, you can simply put the remaining boxes into the center for maximum convenience. Additionally, the latch is easy enough to open on the fly, providing you with plenty of comfort and reliability, but also secure enough that it is not going to come open during your hunting sessions. The design of the latch is also molded very nicely and is definitely high-quality, especially given the affordable price.

At the end of the day, the $15 MTM 200 Round Small Bore Ammo Box .22 Long Rifle is a great buy that is guaranteed to provide plenty of accessibility and security for your rifle rounds. For serious rifle users, this is an ideal product that is guaranteed to hold shut and allow you easy access to your ammo in the tightest situation, which are both very desirable features in an ammo box. Alternatively, if you want a product that offers similar value but for shotgun shells instead, take a look at the MTM Multi Gauge 25 Round Shotshell Box.

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