Plastic vs Metal Ammo Can Storage

Plastic vs. Metal or Steel Ammo Cans
When it comes to storing ammo is vital to make sure that you’re using the right product for the job. Obviously, metal and plastic are completely different materials operate with their own benefits and drawbacks. To get a clear picture of which ammo can you should use take a look at our comparison of the two products below.
Metal and steel ammo cans Pros
For starters, metal is an extremely durable material capable of withstanding several hundred pounds of pressure. Steel is perfect for ammo because it will hold the products without wearing down or breaking. When carrying, holding, or storing ammo you need something that will last and is tough enough to handle the damage it will incur over time. Metal will provide that for you.
Metal is also UV resistant which makes it perfect for all weather conditions. If you are storing your ammo in the elements (not recommended) then metal will be the way to go. It is also fire resistant which plastic is not.
Steel ammo cans also have dual uses. They can store everything from fishing gear to small hand guns without risk from fire or sun damage. Plastic doesn’t offer you this benefit. Metal is also oil resistant which eliminates any risk associated with oil storage or handling. In extreme cases, the ammo can resists water because of its O-ring which completely seals the can.
Pros of Plastic Cans
In contrast with steel and metal, plastic ammo cans offer a few advantages. One such advantage is its noncorrosive byproduct. Plastic does not rust or wear down quite the same way the metal and steel do. This is particularly advantageous for those living in a humid climate. These cans also stack easier giving you more room to store ammo. If you intend on keeping your ammo out of the hands of someone with a metal detector than plastic is the way to go. You can bury your ammo without fear of it being found if you choose plastic. Plastic is also much quieter than metal and offers buyers a locking mechanism that metal does not.
If you plan on storing large amounts of ammo in your ammo can, then we suggest a metal or steel product. Plastic is good for medical supplies and lighter storage, but does not fare as well as metal when holding ammo. The price point is the same for both products (around $10-20) so the choice comes down to preference. Consider all your requirements before you make your purchase.


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